Editorial Board, Staff, Committees


Publicity Editor


Douglas Hargis is the Administrator, Society Publications for the IEEE Photonics Society.

Lisa Manteria is the Editorial Assistant for Society Publications and the Staff Editor for the Photonics Society Newsletter. 

Farah Lipitz is a Production Editor for IEEE


Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society

Peter K. Willett

Michael A.Cardinale (Secretary)

Microwave Theory & Techniques Soc.

Jonathan Klamkin

Adil Karmin

Instrumentation & Measurement Soc.

George Xiao

Brainslav Djokic

Photonics Society

Gee-Kung Chang

Paul Shumate (Treasurer)

Communications Soc.

Patrick R. Trischitta

Karen Liu 

Ultrasonics, Ferroelectronics, and Frequency Control

John N. Lee (Chairperson) 

Xueding Wang

Electron Devices Soc.

Yeshaiahu Fainman

John Dallesasse

Ex Officio

Peter Winzer (Editor-in-Chief)

Connie Chang-Hasnain (Past Editor-in-Chief)


IEEE Representatives

John N. Lee

Paul Shumate

OSA Representatives

Jay Wiesenfeld

Chris Doerr