Stojan Radic

S. Radic graduated from The Institute of Optics (University of Rochester) in 1995 and has subsequently served in Corning and Bell Laboratories. He holds B.S.E in Electrical Engineering, M.A. in Physics and PhD in Optical Engineering. He is presently a chaired Professor of Electrical Engineering and a Director of the Photonics System Laboratory at Qualcomm Institute, University of California. He held the Nortel Chair at Duke University prior to his present position. Dr. Radic is a Fellow of the Optical Society of America and IEEE. He served with IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, Optics Express Journals, Optical Fiber Conference, European Conference on Optical Communications and IEEE Photonics Board. Dr. Radic has authored more than 180 journal papers and more than 200 conference proceedings. Dr. Radic has founded RAM Photonics, a technology company that presently supplies instrumentation and specialty optical systems to industrial and government laboratories.

For JLT he is handling:

  • Outside publicity by promoting JLT and Its published papers to the outside scientific and engineering community